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The Design Commons Facility

The "Design Commons" consists of two rooms in Engineering South.  Room 401 has complete electronic design facilities and is open on a 24/7 basis by electronic card access to all qualified users.  Room 411 is equipped with benches and cabinets are available for up to twelve teams in ES411.   More details are on the Facilities Tour tab at the top of this page.

The Design Commons is available to all OSU affiliated individuals who wish to engage in electronic design.  The Design Commons provides space, training, facilities, instrumentation, and expertise to allow users to design, build, and test electronic projects.   The Design Commons is based on the idea of a “commons” or public space that benefits all the members of a community.  A commons is shared space that is respected, maintained, and valued by all users.  While all are welcome to use the Design Commons you read, agree to, and sign a printed copy of the Design Commons Policies shown at the bottom of the page.  Please bring a copy of the signed form to room 202 Engineering South to gain card swipe access then go up and introduce yourself to the members of the Design Commons.

Members of the Design Commons will see two additional tabs at the top of the page.  Users may reserve a time to use from the Reservation tab.   The Training tab at the top of the page is used to sign up for training and to access manuals and other resources on equipment.  Training is offered on a regular basis at the start of each semester and more infrequently later in the semester.

Members may find others to help them in project development by searching for members with given skills on the list of certified users.

 The Design Commons:  Engineering South room 401

The main room of the design commons supports the complete engineering design cycle shown below.  The physical layout of the room supports different steps of design, and each area is equipped to support complete electronic design.

Deisgn Cycle

Take a Tour of the Design Commons

Team Design Space:  Engineering South room 411

This space has fifteen benches each with a locked cabinet and one computer with full suite of design software including MultiSim, P-Spice, Cadence, Matlab, & Labview.  The benches can be checked out by teams from the ECE equipment catalog for use during the semester.


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